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  •  How do I participate in the WURI Ranking? 

Please send us the name of your university and the contact information of the president and the person in charge so we can send you invitation letters for the forthcoming WURI Ranking (

  • Are there fees for applying to the WURI? 

The WURI Ranking is a not-for-profit program, so there are no fees nor any hidden costs for this application and evaluation process. There are also no marketing activities involved with this program or its participants.


  •  How is the evaluation of the submitted applications processed?

There are three phases for evaluation.

(1) Evaluation: The presidents, who have been invited to submit their applications, will evaluate all applications.

(2) Judgment: The representatives of the university leagues (e.g., AAC&U) and higher education-related media (e.g., newspapers, magazines), and the members of the WURI Evaluation Board will review the Evaluators’ evaluation scores.

(3) Final Check: The WURI Evaluation Board aggregates the recommendations of the Judges, checks the reliability of the contents in the submitted applications, and finalizes the entries in the "Top 50" of the six categories as well as "Global Top 100."


  •  How does WURI ensure the fair review?

The WURI ranking uses a title-blind review process. We will delete the names of your universities in the title of the project. You may, however, mention your university name in the content of the template at your discretion.



  •  Can I submit a joint application?

Two or more applicants can jointly submit applications if the programs have been jointly developed and/or implemented in such cases of double-degree programs, research consortia, or other similar collaborative projects. If the joint programs are selected, all of the applicants will be co-ranked.


  •  Can I submit applications for more than one category?

Applicants can apply for one or more of the following six categories: (i) Industrial Application, (ii) Entrepreneurial Spirit, (iii) Ethical Value, (iv) Student Mobility and Openness, (v) Crisis Management, and (vi) Fourth Industrial Revolution. The universities are ranked in more than one or all of the six categories if they have entered more than one category.


  •  Can I submit multiple applications for one category?

Applicants can submit more than one program for each category. The university will be ranked based on the quality and quantity of the programs, including all submitted applications. 

  • How can I submit my application?

Applicants must submit the application through our online system. Please download our template and fill in the template for each innovative program (or case). When you are ready to submit the application, connect to our online system. Provide us with your contact information and attach your file of innovative program (or case) in our online system. When you are applying for multiple innovative programs (or cases), please submit multiple applications one at a time for each program (or case). 

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