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What is WURI

The World University Rankings for Innovation (The WURI) assesses higher education institutions' real contributions  to industry and society, highlighting innovative education, research, and engagement to society. Using 13 categories, it encompasses innovation targets and methods, offering a comprehensive measure of institutions’ creative contributions to societal advancement.  The ranking aims to spotlight higher education institutions that excel in these innovative approaches, thereby inspiring advancements across the academic and societal landscape.  


Ranking system that values real impact upon industry and society,

         by valuing start-up, entrepreneur efforts, and industrial application


Ranking system that values social responsibility, ethics, and integrity,

         rather than focusing only on knowledge and skills just for the success


Ranking system that emphasizes the future potential,

          by accepting on-going innovative efforts with detailed innovative process


Ranking system that enables mutual learning,

          by inviting all the participating universities to become the peer evaluator


Ranking system that guides to effectively innovate,

          by providing the right innovation target and means, as well as template for              implementing innovation

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