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How to Participate

You can participate the WURI Ranking in two ways: 

           Become a contender
Submit innovative program(s) of your university for WURI Ranking.

To get started, please download the application template provided below and fill out the form according to the guidelines outlined below. If you are submitting multiple innovative programs, kindly use a separate template for each program. Once you have prepared your application, create a member account on the WURI website and access the WURI Online Application System. For multiple submissions, kindly submit each program separately. The deadline for WURI 2024 submissions is December 6 (GMT-0, 11 pm), 2023. We look forward to receiving your innovative programs for evaluation.


WURI team collects innovative program(s) of university for WURI Ranking.

To ensure a comprehensive representation of outstanding innovative programs across diverse higher education institutions globally, the WURI team will gather these programs on their behalf. The WURI team has established a Case Collection System, which aims to methodically define innovative programs and provide explanations using publicly available data sources. However, this approach, when compared to submitted programs, inherently relies on limited public data, which may often lack the level of detail found in the submitted cases. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to submit as many innovative programs as possible to enhance the quality of evaluation and ensure an accurate representation of your program.
         Become an evaluator

Evaluate innovative programs of other universities for  WURI Ranking.  

When all the innovative programs are compiled, we will send you them and request you to select the 10 best programs for each of the 13 categories based on the three WURI criteria: Innovativeness, Implementability, and Impact. Further information on the evaluation process will be sent to you in early 2024.  

After all the evaluation results are collected from participating universities for the WURI Ranking 2024,  we will have our Judgment and Final check processes to finalize the Top 100 WURI Ranking for 2024  (Please refer to About WURI > Methodology for further information). This year, the final WURI Ranking and the innovative programs will be presented during the Fourth Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU) Conference at the Franklin University Switzerland in June 17-18, 2024 (TBD).  If you have any inquiries on the application process, please refer to WURI  2024> How to Apply  or contact us ( 

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