How to apply


WURI asks your university with two roles :​

Become a contender.

Submit your case(s) of innovative programs that will be a contender for Global Top 100 WURI Ranking.

Become an evaluator.

Evaluate the innovative programs of other universities for Global Top 100 WURI Ranking.


You can contribute to the WURI in the following three ways:


First, please send your innovative programs to be included as case studies of innovative universities, which will be distributed to all of the participants at the fourth HLU Conference at the Northern Arizona University, USA in 2021.

Please complete the form and send it to

Dr. Moon Hwy-Chang( by December 31, 2020.

(now extended to March 15, 2021) 

Second, please agree to include your university’s innovative program(s) as a candidate for the Top 100 WURI’21. Its results will be presented at the Fourth Conference of HLU in 2021.


Third, please accept our invitation for you to be a member of the Evaluation Board of the WURI’21. This Board will be primarily composed of presidents or representatives of the universities submitting their innovative programs as entries to the Top 100 WURI’21. In due time, we will send you all the innovative programs of the universities which apply to WURI’21 and request you to rank the entries according to your judgment based on the three WURI focuses stated above.


Once you apply for the Ranking, you will also become a Judge to evaluate the contending universities’ innovative programs for the final entry in “Global Top 100 WURI’21.” We can thus be fair in evaluation, and the participants can learn the innovative programs of other universities.


Hwy-Chang MOON, Ph.D.

Leader, Task Force Team of the World’s University with Real Impact
The Second Conference of the Hanseatic League of Universities

  • Professor Emeritus of International Business and Strategy

  • Graduate School of International Studies

  • Seoul National University