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How to apply

You can participate the WURI Ranking in two ways: 

           Become a contender
Submit innovative program(s) of your university for Global Top 100
WURI Ranking.

Download the application template below, and complete the form. When you are submitting multiple innovative programs, use one template per each program.  When you are ready to submit the application, create a member account in WURI website and connect to WURI Online Application System. Submit the completed application template(s) with your supplementary information if needed .  If you are submitting multiple innovative programs, please submit one at a time for each program. The deadline is now extended to  November 30, 2022


         Become an evaluator

Evaluate innovative programs of other universities for Global Top 100 WURI Ranking.  

When all the innovative programs are compiled, we will send you them and request you to select the 10 best programs for each of the six categories (sixty candidates in total) based on the three WURI criteria: Innovativeness, Implementability, and Impact. Further information on the evaluation process will be sent to you in early 2023.  

After all the evaluation results are collected from participating universities for the WURI Ranking 2023,  we will have our Judgment and Final check processes to finalize the Top 100 WURI Ranking for 2023  (Please refer to About WURI > Methodology for further information). This year, the final WURI Ranking and the innovative programs will be presented during the Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU) Conference at the Florida Gulf Coast University, USA in MAy 14-18, 2023.  If you have any inquiries on the application process, please refer to About WURI > FAQ or contact us ( 


Hwy-chang MOON, Ph.D.

Founding Director, The WURI Ranking

Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of International Studies, 

Seoul National University


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