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Invitation to The World University Rankings
for Innovation (WURI) 2024

Sponsored by



President, Franklin University Switzerland

Michael MARTIN

President, Hanseatic League of Universities


Dong-sung CHO

Chairperson, The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) Switzerland

Nikhil SETH

Executive Director, The United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Dear President / Rector / Chancellor,

   Thank you for your continued support toward the WURI (The World University Rankings for Innovation). As we enter our fifth year, we cordially invite you to participate in WURI Ranking 2024, where the forthcoming conference is scheduled to take place at Franklin University Switzerland on June 6-7, 2024

    In 2023, WURI experienced remarkable growth, achieving over 35% CAGR in the past four years. We covered 1189 innovative programs from 423 universities worldwide. Our successful conference, attended by nearly 200 individuals in person and online, explored the future of higher education. Additionally, our adoption of Generative AI technology has enhanced our innovative program collection system, widening our reach to showcase your innovative programs globally.  

   These achievements are the fruit of your support as we endeavor to establish the right ranking system for higher education, emphasizing innovation, differentiation, and long-term societal and industry impact.  Credit is also due to the exceptional work of the WURI team, led by our founding director, Dr. Hwy-chang Moon. Since June 2023, I, Dr. Tae-hyun Kim, have assumed the role of Chairman of IPSNC and will oversee WURI’s continued progress, building upon the efforts and intentions of my predecessors.

    WURI 2024 introduces significant changes, encompassing not only innovation targets (e.g., Student Mobility and Openness, Industrial Application) but also the means to achieve innovation (Leadership, Funding, Infrastructure/Technology, Symbol/Promotion, and Culture/Values). We've also added special topics for 2024 (Generative AI, Support for Global Resilience like the Russian-Ukraine War), reflecting your real-time creative endeavors. We now offer 13 categories for your application. You may select one or more of these categories that best represent your university’s program activities and impact. Detailed information on these 13  categories, along with submission guidelines and templates, can be found on our website.  

    To participate in WURI Ranking 2024, please visit our website to access the new template and submission details. The submission deadline is December 31th (GMT-0, 11 pm), 2023, with early submissions strongly encouraged. You can revise applications until the final deadline.

    We believe in a peer review process for ranking, where you, as a participant, will evaluate innovative programs from other universities contending for a place in the "Global Top 100 Innovative Universities." This process not only ensures fairness but also fosters global learning and collaboration. 

    For further information, please contact us at We look forward to getting to know of your innovative programs.  

Best regards, 


Dr. Tae-hyun Kim 

Chairperson, The WURI Ranking,  

Institute for Policy and Strategy on National Competitiveness 

Professor Emeritus, School of Business, Yonsei Univeristy 

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