Invitation to World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI) 2022

Sponsored by


Gregory WARDEN

President, Franklin University Switzerland


Honorary President, Hanseatic League of Universities

President, Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Dong-sung CHO

Chairman, The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies

The Second President, Hanseatic League of Universities,


Director, Division for People, The United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Dear President / Rector / Chancellor,


We wish to thank you for your warm support toward the university ranking entitled “Global Top 100 WURI.” Now in its third year, we cordially invite you to participate in the ranking for WURI 2022. This program was launched in 2019 at the Annual Conference of the Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU) which is a university alliance with the mandate to revive the noble objectives of openness and cooperation among the approximately 190 city states of the original Hanseatic League that prospered in Europe from the twelfth century through to the seventeenth century.


The measure for this ranking is the creative and innovative programs among universities that are providing an important contribution toward enhancing research and education.


In its first year of 2020, we focused on the following four key issues:


1) Industrial applications rather than the traditional way of counting research papers and lecture-type teaching.


2) Value-creating startups and entrepreneurship as opposed to the common practice of measuring the number of jobs filled.


3) Social responsibility, ethics, and integrity, which is a more valuable approach compared to those that only consider the knowledge and skills required for material success.


4) Student mobility and openness for exchange and collaboration between schools across national borders that is more encompassing than an independent yet closed system.


In the second year of WURI 2021, we added the following fifth issue:


5) Crisis management in the midst of climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, and other global and local crises.


For the third year of WURI 2022, we are adding the sixth issue:


6) Progress during the Fourth Industrialization through digital technology, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud services, blockchain, and so on.


To participate in this ranking system, please complete the attached template with your innovative program(s) and return it to me (email:


The due date is December 15, 2021 (now extended to January 15, 2022). Early submission is encouraged and applicants can still revise their applications up until the final due date.


You may choose one or more of the six categories outlined above that best highlights the activities and impact of the program at your university. If you need an example of such an innovation program, please consult the sample cases that have been uploaded onto our website ( There is also further information about WURI on this website and the guidelines for this application are attached with this letter.


In respect of the ranking system, we believe that a peer review process is the most effective approach. Therefore, once you have submitted your application for WURI, you will be appointed as an evaluator for the Global Top 100 WURI 2022.” Your role in this position will be to evaluate which of the innovative programs from other contending universities will be selected for entry into the final ranking. Not only will this process be fair but it will also crucially provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about the innovative programs of other universities. Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,


Hwy-chang Moon

Founding Director, The WURI Ranking

Professor Emeritus, GSIS, Seoul National University